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I support you with all questions related to accident damage regulation. If you are involved in a traffic accident, it can be difficult to assert your right to compensation. I make sure that the handling of the accident proceeds quickly and smoothly and that your right to compensation is not impaired.

The person responsible for the accident is obligated to cover the costs of your traffic lawyer, even if you bear partial responsibility for the accident. I recommend that you collect evidence (photos, information) immediately after the accident and create a joint accident report. Have the extent of the damage determined by an expert and hire a traffic lawyer to handle the damage regulation.

After an accident, you have a claim to certain compensation. This includes the costs for repairing your vehicle or the value of the vehicle before the accident if it is a total loss, as well as the loss of value that your vehicle suffers from the repair. You also have a claim for costs for a rental car or loss of use compensation. If you were injured in the accident, you also have a claim for pain and suffering. The pain and suffering is not set, but depends on the circumstances of the accident and your personal circumstances. To assert your claim for pain and suffering, you should be supported by a traffic lawyer.

As a traffic law lawyer in a law firm in Düsseldorf, I am happy to assist you.

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You call us or write to us, and we will provide you with detailed advice on the measures that should now be taken.



We will arrange a joint appointment for the assessment of the damage, whether at your home or at your workplace.



We will inspect the vehicle and prepare an independent report on the amount of damage. The report is of course free of charge for you as a victim!



The opposing insurance company will reimburse the cost of the damage!

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