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Lawyer for criminal law in Düsseldorf: Semra Sanliünal

Every citizen in Germany has the right to use the services of a criminal defense lawyer when faced with criminal charges. In particularly severe cases, the participation of a lawyer is even legally required. Therefore, it is recommended to contact a criminal defense lawyer as early as possible, but never too late, to avoid mistakes that can only be corrected later with great effort.

Are you involved in a criminal matter? Have you received a summons from the police or an arrest warrant? If you find yourself in such a situation, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our Düsseldorf law firm offers experienced criminal defense attorneys who will be there to assist you throughout all the stages of the investigation and criminal proceedings (trial, appeals and court proceedings). If your house, apartment or office has been searched, computers or other storage devices have been seized, or an arrest warrant has been issued, please contact us as soon as possible. Call us today to receive more information.

One of the most important rights of the criminal defense lawyer is the right to review the investigation files during the investigation and prosecution process. This right is only granted to him or her as a “organ of justice.” By reviewing the files, the defense lawyer can determine the charges that the investigative authorities are making and the evidence they are basing them on. With this information, they can then establish the defense strategy. It is essential for the defense lawyer to have the access to the evidence and the case file to prepare a proper defense strategy, and to ensure that the fair trial rights of the accused are protected.

Lawyer Semra Sanliünal
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Co-plaintiff in Criminal Law in Düsseldorf: Semra Sanliünal

Especially protected victims of crimes have the opportunity to hire a victim lawyer at the state’s expense. This may be the case in serious instances of child sexual abuse, rape, attempted manslaughter and manslaughter of close relatives. By hiring a victim lawyer at state expense, there is no financial risk for you. The appointed lawyer has the right to review the case files, participate in all interrogations and accompany and support you during your witness interrogation. He also has the right to ask questions and file motions to represent your interests. This is a very important right for the victim to have legal representation and support during the criminal proceedings, which can be an emotional and traumatic experience.

If you are a victim of a crime, you have the possibility to participate as a co-plaintiff in a criminal trial. This allows you to review the files, fully participate in the main trial, file appeals against the verdict and claim compensation for the crime and its consequences. We can support and represent you as lawyers in this process, but it depends on the circumstances of the individual case. It is important to note that the victim’s right to participate as a co-plaintiff, to have legal representation and to seek compensation is recognized in many countries and it is a fundamental right to ensure the fair and full protection of the victim’s interest in the criminal proceedings.

In the adhesion procedure, your lawyer can use the opportunity to pursue the claims arising from a crime committed against you in the criminal proceedings instead of initiating a separate civil proceedings. If no complaint has been filed against the perpetrator before our first meeting, we will prepare a complaint together with you. Especially for victims of sexual crimes, it is important to discuss the crime with a lawyer you trust in order to weigh the chances of success and legal consequences of a complaint. This option is particularly useful when the victim wants to seek compensation for the harm caused by the crime and it allows to avoid the delay and costs of a separate civil suit. This can also be more convenient for the victim as they only need to go through the legal process once and it allows the victim to have a more comprehensive justice.

My areas of focus

  • Narcotics criminal law
  • Fraud crimes
  • Extortion
  • Juvenile criminal law
  • Civil action
  • Robbery
  • Tax criminal law
  • Assault
  • Homicide
  • Forgery
  • Traffic criminal law
  • Property crimes

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