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Labor law attorney in Düsseldorf: Semra Sanliünal

As a labor law attorney in Düsseldorf, Semra Sanliünal specializes in providing effective legal advice and representation for clients in all areas of labor law. Her focus is on individual labor law, representing clients nationwide in all levels of court.

If you have received a termination notice or are facing disciplinary action, the process can be emotionally challenging. You may have many questions: Is the termination legal? Can I claim compensation? What is written in my employment certificate? How can I receive support from the works council?

In labor law, there are often very short deadlines within which to file a lawsuit, such as a dismissal protection claim. If these deadlines are missed, the damage caused can hardly be corrected. For example, a dismissal can no longer be challenged after three weeks.

As a labor law attorney, I advise and represent both employees and employers in dismissal and dismissal protection proceedings. If you have received a dismissal notice, it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. The deadline for filing a dismissal protection claim is three weeks after receipt of the dismissal notice.

I work quickly and effectively to represent the interests of my clients to the best of my ability. I offer very short-term appointments (even outside of business hours) and do my best to familiarize myself with the case quickly. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have received a dismissal notice. I also offer a non-binding initial assessment by phone or email.

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Lawyer Semra Sanliünal
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